Only the mockingbird sings at the edge of the woods

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Oh March, Aren’t Thou Mundane.

What a bore this month has been, it did start off with me watching Placebo in concert, but since that day, nothing. Hell I can’t even think of one other significant moment. I need to do something, something out of the norm, anything. The past few weeks has felt like a monotonous nightmare, everyday the same as the last. Life is moving, but not going anywhere. It was once said that in order for man to find new oceans, he must first lose sight of the shore. And do I need to find a new ocean. Who cares if it’s a violent one, I rather swim in a violent ocean than continue this humdrum cruise. Here’s hoping I don’t lack the courage to do so.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Yogurt Romance

Thus it expires, our yogurt romance. As gravity reclaims its dominance, and we’re no longer floating weightless in space. Falling, Picking up speed in our freefall towards the harsh reality. The once denied, inevitable outcome has, as it would, taken place. Fruitless are the questions that would begin with ‘What if’. What if time would slow and stretch? What if geographical factors were out of the equation? What if this could last? These questions would only increase the gravitational pull of our fall, and from gently landing, we may find ourselves crashing head first into the concrete road of life. For now, her touch still feels feasible, her taste still palatable, her smell still lingers in the air. But once the alcohol is drained out of our systems, once the cigarettes burns are buried under a new layer of skin, all that will remain is a memory, a memory and a black band around my wrist as a memento of the time. Holding a story shared by me and the milky-skinned space-girl. And if the band shall snap and get lost in some unforeseen chaos; and if the memory grows vague and fades; what would we have to remind us of the time shared? Like a dream you know accrued but can’t recollect. Blurry images, jumping from one to another, no linear line to follow, images of smiles and laughter, jumbled up in some twisted montage.

There is no way around this; this is just how it has to be. Maybe in some not-so-distant future we could meet again, far out in space. Some where above an expending galaxy, staring out at the infinite stars, trying to point out the Sun, because there Earth would be, the place of our first encounter, the place where our romance once expired.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Placebo in Malaysia

Omg... Placebo is coming to Malaysia. We've (my friends and I) been talking about it for the whole of last year and then in 2010, BOOM!, they're coming down. This is it the last of the top 3 bands I need to watch before I die. The others included, Incubus, saw them in 2008 during Sunburst; Nine Inch Nails, saw them 2009 in Singapore during their Wave Goodbye tour; And finally Placebo is coming, March 16th 2010. Time to make a new list...
Hope the rest of 2010 kicks as much ass as the first quarter has. yes I know its only the end of January but screw it :)

Thursday, January 7, 2010


'Moon' is a freaking awesome movie. Sam Rockwell could quite possibly win an Oscar for best leading actor , I certainly found myself believing and caring for his character through out. And Clint Mansell really deserves an award for Film Score, as always, it was a beautiful score, really made me feel the deafening loneliness being experienced by Sam. So it’s hard to understand why Sony won’t support its campaign for the Oscars, under the pretext of, being afraid it will be pirated when the DVD is sent to the Oscar Community. Well first things first, It’s already been pirated, in fact there are two different versions, so a third version probably wouldn’t really hurt Sony’s pockets anyway. But then again this is coming from the CEO of Sony, the same person who said “NOTHING good has ever come from the internet.” So I’m not really hopeful. But I’m hoping Sony changes its mind and sends it in anyway; it really deserves the chance for nominations if nothing else.
An awesome movie. The entire atmosphere of it was stunning. I suggest to everyone, go watch it.

Monday, January 4, 2010

2010’s TOP 10 BLAH

For sure there’s going to be tons of polls with the same pun implemented this year, ‘2010 top 10 blah blah blah.’ And I want to be the first to do this, well, at least the first that I know. So as pointless as this may be, here’s my 2010 top 10 list.

10 - Stare blankly at a wall
9 – Clean your already clean room
8 – Update Facebook status
7 – Read Facebook status updates
6 – Tweet
5 – Read Tweets
4 – Watch something pointless on Youtube
3 – Google something pointless
2 – Think of 10 ways to waste 10 minutes
1 – Write it down in your blog

Yup, what a waste of 10 minutes. Time to stare blankly at a wall.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Here's to 2010

So another year begins. There was no grand entry, no big bang, it just slipped in. 2009 went by so fast, that I never really took the time to stop and smell the ashes. All the coming and going, all the change (packed to the brim with change in fact) caught me off guard and I had to struggle to regain control. So this year I’m looking at the constants. The ever loving family, the ever loyal friends. For what ever that may present itself from around the bend, I’m not worried. For I know that as I slowly peer into the unknown, there’ll be someone right there beside me, anxiously waiting to see what comes next.

To my own amazement, I actually accomplished my 2009 new year’s resolution. In fact, I may have over done it. I have never read a single book for as far as I can remember and I promised that try to read at least 1 book. Now from 2009 to 2010 I’ve read 19 books, cover to cover. I have found a simple pleasure that I have missed out on for most of my life, and I can’t be more grateful to have found it, however late it is. The windows in my mind opened and the room enlightened.

Let’s start this new decade the best we can, and not falter along the way. Let’s head forth into the unforeseeable with heads held high. My best wishes go out to everyone on a quest. May you find whatever it is that you’re looking for and/or accomplish whatever it is you’ve set out to. Peace and love.

Saturday, November 28, 2009


I've spent some many hours over the past year or so reading in to the whole Mayan prophecy and cross referencing it with this and that; from scientific predictions, religious predictions and Nostradamus' predictions. I found the whole thing quite interesting and intriguing, believe it or not, the concept is something to muse on. And boy, was I completely disappointed by the movie. In short my review would be 'It sucks.’ But if I were to be more analytical about it, I would say ‘It downright simply sucked.’ That’s about it, anything more constructive is not worth my time. The History Channel documentary on the issue was one hundred times more entertaining. Now I hope the world does end at 2012 so at least then I would be able to say “Well, at least this is better than the movie.”